Polar Gran Fondo La Mussara opens registrations on November 16th at 6:00 p.m.

There will be a simultaneous live on-line broadcast presenting this, the 5th edition.

This Thursday, November 16th, Polar Gran Fondo La Mussara 2018 will be presented. An event in which all the news for this fifth anniversary of the sportive will be announced and which can be followed live on Facebook Live from 18:00 h. at:

Web opening and registration

With a totally renewed image to celebrate the fifth anniversary, Polar Gran Fondo La Mussara will launch its 2018 website to coincide with the start of the presentation. At that moment, registration opens for this event that is a sell-out year on year.

Registration packages + accommodation

Sport No Limit Travel, as the official and exclusive Travel Agency of the event will put on sale, guaranteed registration + accommodation packages. 

Symbol of the fifth anniversary

Polar Gran Fondo La Mussara has chosen the "V" as the symbol for its fifth anniversary. The V represents five years, victory, and in addition, recreates the shape of the peloton when it picks up speed.

More information at:

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