Marathon Tourism

More and more people, to improve their overall fitness, are taking up the popular sport of running.

Running is addictive! For many, it is not just about training to be fit, but to improve oneself, day by day and establish personal goals.
This is where the marathon takes centre stage. A mythical distance, that with good training, can be within reach of many runners
The marathon is an exciting challenge, a goal to achieve and a reason to go out to train.
And once achieved ... To improve your time! To travel the world!
Berlin, London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome ... and, of course, New York, they fill up every year with thousands of runners who take advantage of the events to get to know the city’s inner personality.
Because marathon tourism is a worldwide reality.
For this reason, as a travel agency specialised in sports tourism, we don’t want to miss the opportunity to be able to offer the Barcelona Marathon in our catalogue of products.
On our website you will find a registration package plus two or four hotel nights in Barcelona.
But if you want a more complete experience, we can adapt to the needs of your group (more days, excursions, transfers, massage service, sightseeing and much more.)
Live sport with Sport No Limit Travel, and run!

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