How to improve your speed in a race?

When we start training, we usually do it using the race. After a while, the speed in the race improves, but there is a point that we stagnate and need other formulas to continue with our progression.
In almost all races, whether triathlons or races on asphalt or mountain, our goal, beyond the challenge of satisfaction, is to finish the with the best possible time.

Beyond the continuous race, it is interesting to train with intervals. This will be the main training if we want to increase our speed. It involves splitting the training, making series of several distances with a break between them.

The short series will provide us with more power and specific speed, while the lengths will give us a concrete improvement in the rhythms of the race and a greater anaerobic resistance. On the other hand, the work of race technique is essential to improve our way of running. It may seem secondary, but it is essential to improve efficiency and keep pace. The goal is to make a cyclical gesture to invest less energy and increase performance.

Muscle power is also important in racing. In this sense, in order to improve it, rising intervals can be used. Thus, we will work more intensively and our way of running will be more efficient and will increase speed. Coordination and frequency work must also be taken into account. With the concept of 'quick feet' we will try to make the ground contact last as little as possible. The smaller it is, the greater will be our speed. This work can be done with specific exercises such as fast jumps with the feet together or series of skipping.

When you have a certain level of training, you can still improve more with continual jumps, combining strength and speed. Being very intense, it is recommended that only be done once a week.
Therefore, here are several tips to improve your finishing times in races such as the Zurich Marató de Barcelona, ​​the Buff Mountain Festival or the EPD Bilbao Night Marathon, among others.

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