Challenge Madrid 2019, a family's triathlon

Challenge Madrid is a different competition, a triathlon that allows the sportist to discover the Sierra Madrileña in swimming and cycling, as well as the outside of Madrid in the running. To this you must add its completion, in the Puerta del Sol, one of the most emblematic places in Europe. Who would not like to finish a competition at Km 0 of Spain? All this and much more can be discovered on September 22nd.

But Challenge Madrid is not only sport, also tourism. That is why we recommend this triathlon to travel with family and know the capital of Spain and its surroundings. The idea is to travel a few days before Sunday, September 22th and give yourself a whim to discover its most emblematic monuments and museums, its main neighborhoods and gastronomy.

Madrid, a city with art

Are you a lover of museums and art? Madrid is perfect for you. Do not hesitate to visit the Triángulo de Arte, composed of the Prado Museum, Reina Sofía and Thyssen. These museums are located on Paseo del Prado, between Plaza de Atocha and the statue of Cibeles. Once in Atocha you will find the imposing central train station in Madrid. We recommend your visit and also observe its beautiful façade. Nearby are emblematic buildings such as the Hotel Mediodía and the Ministry of Agriculture. In this area you can not miss a visit to the Royal Botanic Garden, a jewel in the center of the city.

But in Madrid, not everything is art and you're sure to wander and get lost in the city center, go shopping or sit in one of the traditional terraces and enjoy an exquisite lid. Starting from Puerta del Sol you can take Calle Mayor, one of the most emblematic routes where you will find shops with more than 100 years of history, the house where Pedro Calderón de la Barca lived, which by the way is the smallest of Madrid, and the San Miguel market, in Plaza Mayor. It is an old restored market that now looks at different places of gastronomy in the interior.

Continuing along Calle Mayor we will find the Almudena Cathedral, next to the Palacio Real. Its entrance is free and you can observe a mixture of Neoclassical, Neogothic and Neo-Romanesque styles. Along the Almudena you will see the Costa de la Vega and the remains of the ancient Muslim wall.

To shopping in calle Preciados

Also from Puerta del Sol you can get close to the Opera building and the Palacio Real, taking the calle Arenal. The Palacio Real is the largest in Europe and has more than 2,000 rooms with valuable works in its interior. If we head north we will arrive at calle Preciados, one of the most imposing commercial streets in Spain. At the end of this street there is Plaza del Callao, with one of the most beautiful and spectacular views of Madrid. Callao is in the middle of the street in capitals of the capital: the Gran Vía. Known as the Madrid Broadway here we can find several cinemas and theaters, the Capitol building and that of Telefónica, among many other attractions. We go down through Gran Vía to reach Plaza de España. Look carefully and keep in mind all its details. In the center you will appreciate a great source in honor of Cervantes and Don Quixote.

Give yourself a whim in La Latina

Going down the south gate of the Plaza Mayor we will reach the La Latina area, which is very typical of the leisure life of Madrid. Walk through its irregular alleys and take a beer and a snack in one of its many bars, cafes and nightclubs.

It is obligatory to mention Parque del Retiro, the great green lung of Madrid and that you should not hesitate to visit during your stay before Challenge Madrid. It extends from Calle Alcalá to Atocha station. Take a boat trip through the Grande del Retiro lake and stop listening to street musicians.

The charm of Chueca

From the statue of Cibeles, if we move to the north we reach the neighborhood of Chueca. In this area we will find small alleyways with locals of all kinds. It is obliged to visit the Market of San Antón, one of the most popular gastromarket in the capital, and enjoy a coffee in its many charming bars.

And if yours is the alternative roll, let it fall by Malasaña, one of the most popular places of entertainment in Madrid. You can sit in Plaza 2 de May to take a walk in such emblematic streets as La Palma, San Vicente Ferrer or Fuencarral and choose a classic place for the Movida Madrileña where you can enjoy alternative music.

Soccer and Warner Park

Madrid also stands out for having 2 of the best football teams in the world. If you are a lover of the sport king do not hesitate to visit the museums of Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid. In them you will be able to see all the cups you have achieved and you will take a walk through the centenary history of both clubs.

And for the little ones, and also for those who are no longer so, you have to reserve a day for Warner Park, a theme park amusement set in Warner characters such as the Looney Tunes, Scooby Duoo or the Flintstones. Located south of Madrid, in San Martín de la Vega, it has the fourth highest tower of the world and 42 attractions.

The Sierra Madrileña

While your partner picks up the bib in San Martín de Valdeiglesias, you and the rest of the family can meet the western area of ​​the Sierra Madrileña, so unknown and attractive at the same time. If you are a lover of hiking, practice some of the many routes that exist and you lose yourself in the middle of nature.

In the same town where the ridges of Challenge Madrid are distributed and where there will be the swimming section we find many places to visit. From the same San Martín de Valdeiglesias, a municipality rich in cultural heritage, to Fresnedillas de la Oliva, Colmenar del Arroyo or Navas del Rey. It is possible that it still warms up, do not forget your swimsuit and swim in the San Juan's swamp. Pamper yourself from where the stretch of swimming will take place and very close to transition 1 to the cycling part of the triathlon.

As you have read, Madrid is an attractive that you can not miss. At Sport No Limit Travel we know this and for this reason we offer our accommodation + registration packages for the competition.

With a 100% personalized service, our reason for being is that you and the family are completely satisfied with your stay in the capital of Spain. Beyond what is purely sports, we adapt to your needs and we can also set up any tourist plan you want, because Challenge Madrid 2019 is unforgettable. You can contact us through our contact form or by calling +34 977 110 420.

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