Marathon CUP BTT Sea Otter Europe 2018

Departing from Fontajau towards Bescanó crossing the Deveses de Salt park and the river Ter before starting the climb to one of the mythical peaks of the region, Sant Grau. Then we have a fun and fast descent until we reach Las Serres. At this point the participants of the 47Km route will be diverted to face a technical section with steep slopes finishing with with a vertiginous and fun descent in Sant Martí de Llémena where they will rejoin the marathon route.

The marathon will go to Sant Climent d'Amer to face the incredible climb to one of the most emblematic points of the Baroque, the Three Rocs, with the well-known Roca Bandera, which the people of the Valley use to show off their flags. We will enter the mountain of La Barroca following fun, hard and technical singletrack, which make the area one of the most impressive places to mountain bike. We will pass near Santa Lena, Santa Brígida, el Bruguer and Basses.
Once passed through Bassas, you will reach the town of Sant Esteve de Llémena and then take the royal road to the town of Sant Martí and pick up the technical trails featured in the short route.
From here we cross through Sant Gegori and all around the Ter to return on the other side of the river to Fontajau to finish this incredible route.
Participation options:
-        XCM PRO, 67km
-        XCM OPEN, 67km
-        XCC PRO, 47km
-        XCC OPEN, 47km


From 09/06/2018 To 10/06/2018
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The Marathon CUP BTT is being held as part of the SEA OTTER EUROPE festival.

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Festival Schedule
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  • Friday the 8th june, 2018 (from 16.00h to 20.00h)
  • Saturday the 9th june, 2018 (from 9.00h to 20.00h)
  • Sunday the 10th june, 2018 (from 9.00h to 15.00h)