Girona Gravel Ride

Participate in an unique gravel event with Girona Gravel Ride, during the Sea Otter Europe, on June 2nd. Enjoy this event with our accommodation + registration package, plus exclusive services for cyclists and a 100% personalized service.

The gravel ride takes the participants to discover Les Gavarres, a massif with winding and good quality forest tracks, which are ideal for this adventure. The tour will operate using a GPS Track. There will be no signs along the route. The participants will live a great experience and a gravel adventure with complete freedom.

The riders will start the tour in Girona and bordering the northern part of Les Gavarres following the tracks to the Ter river. In the Monells the tour will enter the Area of Natural Interest (EIN) of Les Gavarres. The route will go further into the most peaceful corners of the massif, away from traffic and large cities. The route will continue through the lowlands of Les Gavarres, before passing the Sanctuary of Els Ángels and the Castle of Sant Miquel and will then enter Girona through the Sant Daniel Valley alongside the Galligants River.

Our package includes:

  • Accommodation+ registration with exclusive services.
  • Guaranteed bib
  • Insurance
  • Bioracer limited edition jersey
  • Medical assistance
  • 1 liquid refreshment
  • 1 solid refreshment
  • 1 liquid refreshment at finish line
  • Computer and GPX track assistance at registration office.


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